World Gun Control Comes to Your Home.

TreatyThe president has given the OK to Secretary of State John Kerry to put the US on the U.N. treaty on arms regulation despite a letter requesting the office to reject the treaty from 130 congressmen. According to a senior State Department official, Kerry will add the US to the treaty this Wednesday 09/25/2013.

This has been a long term goal of the liberals and progressives. They are finally getting what they want, well in part. It is believed that the treaty will be rejected by the senate during the ratification process.

I will keep an eye on this as events unfold.


Update: 09/25/2013

“Don’t worry, gun owners: the United Nations probably won’t be coming after you any time soon,”

John KerryThe Daily Beast said following Kerry’s statement.

“And NRA, calm down: Kerry made sure to clarify that the treaty would not affect domestic gun owners.”

Kerry’s word simply cannot be trusted and the prediction of The Daily Beast – a website owned by the transnational corporation Newsweek and edited by a former Wall Street Journal editor – is less than reassuring.

According to the NRA, as of 2004 Kerry was the most anti-gun presidential nominee in United States history. He has voted to ban guns outright, impose waiting periods on firearms buyers, financially punish gun manufacturers, and restrict the free speech of Second Amendment advocates.

He also voted to regulate gun shows and impose a background check on individuals engaged in private firearms sales.

Kerry backed the failed effort by House Democrats Carolyn McCarthy and Sen. Frank Lautenberg – two of the nation’s most dedicated and aggressive gun-grabbers – to reimpose the Clinton’s 1994 “assault weapons” ban that subsequently floundered in committee.

The United Nations treaty is well-timed – it arrives precisely as Congress prepares to vote on legislation targeting the Second Amendment in the wake of Sandy Hook.

The United Nations begins working on the stalled treaty again on March 18,

“I am confident that member states will overcome their differences and muster the political will needed to agree on this landmark treaty,”

United Nations boss Ban Ki-moon said Thursday.




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