What Is Common Core English All About?

Stop Common CoreIn a previous article “What Exactly Is Common Core?” I went into some detail about what the Common Core Initiative is. In this article I will start to explain the English Common Core Standards. Rather than go through the standards line by line, I found it a bit more interesting and informative to talk about how and what is being applied in todays class room.

With this being said lets dive right in to what I feel are some of the most devastating standards that are being applied to reading and writing. I will start with a simple question. How much reading and how much writing are our children doing under the Common Core Standards?

Common Core requires that 50% of the schools literary material to be replaced with government informational text. What does this mean, well let’s go into more detail.

Instead of reading good American literature, the students will be reading informational text such as Obama’s Executive orders and documents about manmade Global Warming. In fact, according to one of the validators of Common Core, up to 75% of the informational text will be about manmade Global Warming and America’s role in the destruction of our planet.

Stop Common CoreCommon Core also lowers the overall amount of reading by 50% and has our children writing before reading, it has them writing more than they are reading as well. Why would the standard require this? What are they writing about if they are not reading? Answer: Whatever philosophical and sociological position the government gives them. If I had only one word to describe this standard, that word would be Indoctrination.

For example, this is a Common Core assignment given to 3rd graders in Wisconsin.

“Explain how the government is just like the family but better.”

With this one assignment you can see why I stated in an earlier article,

“Common Core effectively removes the individual from the educational experience and family to make them a product of the government.”

To reiterate, 50% of the reading in class is to be from informational texts, children are writing before reading, children are writing more than reading. What informational text you ask? Let’s look at some of the informational text that our children will be reading. (Just a reminder that this is in English class)

    • Science Grade 9/10
      Recommended Levels of Insulation
      A report released in 2010 by the U.S. EPA & U.S. Department of Energy
    • Science, Math, & Tech. Subject Grade 10/11
      Obamas Own Executive order 13423
      Strengthening federal Environmental, Energy & Transportation Management
    • The Evolution of the Grocery Bag
      Just to make it clear, paper and plastic are both bad and America is destroying our planet.

As I stated earlier in this article there is still going to be some but very little literature. Are you curious as to what literature that our children will be reading? The majority of the literature is violent, graphic, sexual in nature and radical in termsThe Bluest Eye of sexual deviancy and homosexuality.

Here is one of the many inappropriate, graphic, sexual and violent books that our children will be tasked with reading. “The Bluest Eye – Toni Morrison

The Bluest Eye is about a 12 year old girl that is a victim of rape and incest and over the course of her relationship with her tormentor, she comes to bond with him and writes in exceedingly graphic terms about their relationship.

The following text has been assigned to grades 10-11 but has been found to be assigned as early as 8th grade, it has even been taught by Catholic schools.

Warning – The following UNEDITED graphic excerpts cover incest, rape and pedophilia…

Click to read explicit excerpts from The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

According to Dr. Duke Pesta,

“This book, we would not have assigned to freshman in collage.”

There is another book that is equally violent, sexual and graphic in nature, “Dreaming in Cuban”. I was unable to get my hands on this book so I am unable to physically verify the claims.

Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who was the only English Language Arts Specialist, who was called in to look at the curriculum by the Common Core voted NO to Common Core. She stated,

“There are forty different books in Common Core that are graphically sexual beyond what we would allow collage kids to read”

“Common Core English will set our kids 2 years behind the 2 years their already behind the rest of the world, when it comes to reading and writing”

Stotsky also testified against Common Core along with the only Math Specialist, Ret. Stanford University Math Professor James Milgram. Of course Professor Milgram also voted NO to Common Core and also spoke out against it. Milgram stated,

“It’s an absolute joke to think Common Core math will prepare your kids for college careers”

The scariest part about the above quote is that Jason Zimba, the writer of the Common Core standard, recently agreed with Milgram’s statement.Administering The National Sexuality Education Standards

Lets not forget that on top of all this our children will be taught the “National Sexuality Education Standards” during primary subjects such as in Math and English. Collage students that are pursuing a career as a math or english professor are already having modules added to their course work to teach them how to teach the “National Sexuality Education Standards”. More on this in a later article…

There is much more to cover within the Common Core English Standards. I wanted to touch on what and how much our children will be reading and writing in this article. I also wanted to touch on just how inferior these standards are. To write about the complete English standard will take page upon page of text. I plan to go into more detail in up and coming articles.

My next article will be on the “Common Core Sexuality Education Standards”, be prepared for this article. The “National Sexuality Education Standard” will get most people in an uproar. There is so much to cover with Common Core that it is going to take several ongoing articles just to get a full understanding of the current standards and even more articles in an effort to keep all the information up to date.

Share with others,

Please share this series of article, we need to work together to stop Common Core. Our plans are to educate and inform as many people as possible, untimely repealing the Common Core Initiative. I personally, being from AZ, plan to petition the state of AZ to remove the Common Core Initiative. We can win this, one person at a time, one school at a time and one state at a time but it will take some effort.


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