What Happens When a Ventriloquist Tries to Pick Up Girls on the Subway?

ComedyTo break up the monotony of the serious articles that I normally post, I decided to share a video that a friend of mine posted on her Facebook, “It can be seen [HERE]“.  The post went over pretty good so here is another.

Breaking the ice with a laugh to ask for a girl’s phone number is not an unusual approach, but doing it with a ventriloquist dummy, however, is.

Nigel “Docta Gel” Dunkley, an actor, comedian and, yes, ventriloquist, took to a New York City subway to “see if he could pick up girls using his talent and humor,” the ModelPrankstersTV video description posted on YouTube explained.

Before “Cindy Hot Chocolate,” Dunkley’s puppet, was even out of her suitcase, she was cracking a few smiles on the faces of curious subway riders.

Once out of the suitcase, which was apparently depriving Cindy Hot Chocolate of oxygen, she goes on to crack a few jokes and proceeds to try and charm women into giving Dunkley their phone numbers.

In the process, she got a few laughs on the subway. A brief side note on this: if you ride a major metropolitan subway regularly, you know that standard protocol is to avoid eye contact and continue reading your book, smartphone or tablet as if nothing else is going on around you. So, bravo to Dunkley for breaking hardened subway riders out of their anti-social shells.

Did Dunkley succeed at getting a number? You’ll have to watch the footage to find out



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