We are updating and converting to a Facebook page

Evil FacebookIt appears that Facebook did not like me posting, through WordPress, from my POLITICAL site (http://freerepublic.suckmyblog.com) to my personal Facebook page. They have pushed me into creating a page under a community. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it is a push with no notification.

In the process I have lost all my posts on Facebook. Again no big deal as I have the ability to make the fix. I would like to say I am happy about the change but not being notified, by anyone, of the required change pisses me off to no end. I discovered the needed change after noticing that all the hard work I put into organizing and posting to Facebook was disappearing, post by post.

My next write up will be about Facebook and some of the sharing they do with our government agencies. Stay tuned for “The Truth About FACEBOOK, sharing your info?”. This will be an interesting read for all.

I will have everything back to normal in a short period of time. That is until Facebook decides that they need to push me around again.

Here is a link to the new Facebook page.


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