Tucson Red Light Cameras And Radar Vans Ousted

Tucson Red light cameras And Radar Vans OustedTucson Red light cameras and Radar Vans ousted

The city stopped issuing tickets based on red-light and speed camera photos late Tuesday night, November 3th of 2015. I am glad to hear that Tucson voters ousted the Red light cameras and Radar Vans.

Preliminary election results show Prop. 201, which bans red-light cameras and speed vans in city limits, passed by a 2-to-1 ratio.

“The voters have spoken clearly on this issue,” City Manager Michael Ortega said in a press statement. “While the election results will not be certified until later this month, the city of Tucson wishes to honor the spirit and intent of the voters by ending the citations immediately following the election.”

At the Tucson City Council meeting Wednesday, Mark Spear with Tucson Traffic Justice asked the council to end the photo enforcement program immediately.

“Many citizens are confused as to whether they’re on or off and what’s gonna happen,” he told the council.

City Council Member Paul Cunningham asked the manager to make the timeline for turning off cameras available to the public.

Spear said Tucson Traffic Justice, the citizens group that campaigned for the photo enforcement ban, next will ask the city to increase the “yellow time” on traffic lights at the eight former camera intersections as a way to reduce crashes and violations.Tucson Red Light Cameras And Radar Vans Ousted

The group also will ask the Legislature to change the definition of an intersection to come into line with the federal standard definition.

The city has eight intersection cameras and two mobile camera vans. It was not immediately clear Thursday whether or when the cameras will be turned off.

The city used a month-to-month contract with American Traffic Solutions to operate the cameras and Tucson Police officers reviewed photos for possible citations.

In 2014, the cameras generated 26,476 tickets — 29 percent of all citations that year — and brought in $2.39 million.

Last year Pima County ended its contract with American Traffic Solutions for its cameras on county streets.



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