Trump Wins as I Predicted He Would

Trump Wins as I Predicted He Would

“Trump Wins as I Predicted He Would”

There is no doubt that Trump won this election in spectacular fashion, defying near all predictions of a massive lose to Hillary Clinton. There is also no doubt that the Democrats whether moderate, progressive or liberal are all emotionally distraught and up in arms. It seems that the liberal media and democratic party are staying the course that abetted the Trump victory. What do I mean by this? Continue reading to see why my prediction of a Trump win was heavily influenced by the rhetoric and biased reporting of the mainstream media.

I am noticing the media broadcasting more and more anti-Trump stories now that Trump has won the presidential election and now sits as the President Elect. Story after story of Trump protests, calls for impeachment, screams of racism, disgust for Trump, etc. are blazing their way through the mainstream media. It appears that the media does not understands that this type of irresponsible reporting was in part responsible for Trumps massive win over Clinton. If the media should take anything away from this election, it should be the realization that a large majority of the US population is sick of their biased reporting and severe lack of real journalism. The once great power known as the media is dumbfounded and missing the oblivious realization that they have lost their once powerful and influential powers of persuasion.

I am not a Trump supporter and probably never will be. I felt that I was choosing between being hit in the head with a crowbar or a baseball bat or better yet, picking between an evil doer or the devil himself/herself. I was not and still not happy with either choice I was presented with. With that said, I did vote Trump/Pence on election day and the reason, though obvious to me and many others eludes the media and democratic party.

I personally feel that the media, racial divide, anti-white sentiment and politically correct climate being portrayed within the USA has widely contributed to the Trump victory over Hillary Clinton. The demographics of the vote have not come in but rest assure that we will see a strong white voter turnout. Many whites are sick of the media pumping story after story of how evil we are and how our White Privilege has earned us the retribution of every minority group within the USA. With political correctness tightening the noose around the neck of white society and the Obama administrations knack for increasing racial divide there is no wonder why the white vote turned out in droves.

Trump Cover of New York Magazine
“New York” Magazine created this cover image in anticipation of an easy Hilary Clinton win.

These of course are not the only reasons that Trump took the election in a landslide victory. The media demonizing the republican party, especially Trump, had a strong influence as well. The stunting of the middle class due to globalization of the economy, job growth barely lifting the needle, Obamacare’s ever increasing costs which is directly proportional to its diminishing returns and the near absence of GDP growth are all contributing factors. All these factors where amplified by the mainstream media which brought together a perfect storm of rebellious voters who dared to buck the establishment.

Hard working US citizens, especially the everyday Joe, are simply sick of being left in the aftermath of the elites and the ever-growing power of our federal government without any say whatsoever in their day to day lives as Americans. With the democratic party or more so the democratic presidential nominee labeling these hard-working everyday Americans as deplorable. With CNN running articles such as the “Washington Post columnist: Statistics support Clinton’s ‘deplorables’ comment.” With the media running massive amounts of airtime of women claiming to be sexually assaulted and/or abused with no rebuttal on the table for consideration. Even if the claims of sexual abuse/assault are true, the media’s mishandling, lopsided reporting and seemingly unlimited allotted time begs to question their true intentions and/or agenda.

All of this lead up to a strong and responsive voter base that was ready and willing to buck the system and establishment. A base that was eager to stand up for their values, ethics, freedoms and the USA. This election was no surprise, at least not to the millions of Americans that voted for Trump. Something must change and the only chance we have for change is in the Donald Trump camp. Hilary had nothing to offer but more of the same and we as Americans have had enough of that.

I personally voted for Trump/Pence due to the open seat in the SCOTUS. A presidential term is four years with a maximum of two terms, where a justice appointed to the SCOTUS is a lifetime. This alongside our constitutional rights being in jeopardy especially with the politically correct cleansing of free speech and the strong potential of executive action diminishing our Second Amendment rights was enough for me to place a vote squarely in Trumps hands.

I truly hope that Trump is willing and able to do as he stated throughout his campaign. If Trump holds true, then we will see change in our great country unlike the change brought about by the Obama administration which was used to destroy us from within.


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