The Liberal Lefts Fear Mongering of Firearms is Taking a Toll on US Citizen

The Liberal Lefts Fear Mongering of Firearms is Taking a Toll on US Citizen“The Liberal Lefts Fear Mongering of Firearms is Taking a Toll on US Citizen”

On the evening of Monday May 1st of 2017, the campus of “Colgate University” –a private liberal arts school located in idyllic central New Yok State– went into lockdown over reports of an “Active Shooter” roving the grounds.

The school stated, “An individual entered the O’Connor Campus Center while carrying –what witnesses believed to be– a weapon.” Campus Safety initiated a campus lockdown
in response to these reports.

A “thorough investigation” and “campus-wide search” later revealed the true source of the complaint: an art student working on a project had been seen carrying a glue gun. Yes, you read it correctly, A “GLUE GUN.”

Just another example of how the liberal left has taken gun control to the utmost extreme.Tommy Lee Jones

This is just one of the most recent liberal progressive incident of fear mongering to demonize firearms through our children and schools. There are many of these ridiculous, dangerous and erroneous claims and allegations revolving around the lefts fear mongering tactics.

More often than not, the left accuses “Me” of fear mongering due to my distrust of the lefts intentions as they pertain to gun control. I am a firm believer that if given the chance, the left would confiscate every single US owned firearm. It seems –in the eye’s of a liberal– that a statement such as “the government wants to disarm American citizens” is fear mongering.

While debating liberal gun control activist, I often hear that my fears of confiscation are unfounded therefore making my claims fear mongering. I find it hard to believe –if given a chance– that the left would not confiscate ever single firearm that they could get their grubby little hands on. History shows that when you give them an inch they take a mile so why would I not be wary of their actions. Anyway, I think it is easy to see who the actual fear monger is.

Young Girl Upset and Crying at SchoolFor example, when we see a 5-year-old girl suspended for 10 days for allegations of a “terroristic threat” due to merely talking about playing with her Hello Kitty “bubble gun,” how can anyone believe their intentions are good? Liberals have definitely taken an extremists stance on gun control.

The 5-year-old girl’s suspension was reduced to two days and the charge reduced to “threat to harm others” after the mother agreed to the school’s condition that the girl be evaluated by a therapist.

The therapist that conducted the evaluation of the young girl described her as a “typical 5-year-old by temperament and interests” with no history of mood swings, irritability, depression, attention deficit disorder, learning issues or other problems, whose comments portrayed “no harmful or predatory intent.” The therapist additionally absolved the girl’s mother of “poor parenting” leading up to the situation.

Gun Confiscation Notice
Gun Confiscation on NY City, NY

All this due to a 5-year-old girl talking about her Hello Kitty “bubble gun?” Answer: NO. Here on Earth, people like myself have come to the realization that the girl had nothing to do with the liberal progressive extremism in this example. The lefts agenda to demonize firearms and gun culture is the root cause.

The child and her mother where forced into mental health evaluations when it’s clearly the liberal progressive policies, the school administrators, and the constant barrage of leftist fear mongering that are at fault. In my opinion, it is the leftist policy makers that need the mental health evaluation.

While preaching tolerance, the left has clearly demonstrated their intolerance of firearms and gun culture. In fact, the lefts tolerance of opinions that contradict their own is nonexistent. Try taking an opposing view while debating a liberal about safe spaces, white privilege, social justice, etc. and see for yourself just how tolerant they are.

I cannot and will not trust the liberal left with my rights and neither should anyone else.


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Pennsylvania girl, 5, suspended for talk of ‘shooting’ a Hello Kitty ‘bubble gun’
Pennsylvania girl, 5, suspended
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