Supreme Court Justice Judge Judy?

Supreme Court Justice Judge Judy?Supreme Court Justice Judge Judy?


There’s really no way to sugarcoat this, moms and dads – your recent college graduate may be dumber than dirt.

A recent survey showed that nearly ten percent of recent college graduates say that television star Judith Sheindlin is on the Supreme Court.

Yes, friends – our best and brightest seem to think that Judge Judy sits on the highest court in the land.

Parents your child’s B.A. may in fact be a bunch of B.S.

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni said their survey uncovered a “crisis in American civic education.”

The ACTA describes itself as an independent organization committed to academic freedom, excellence and accountability at America’s colleges and universities.

Their findings reveal “that recent college graduates are alarmingly ignorant of America’s history and heritage.”

That could explain why an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders is giving Hillary Clinton a run for her money.

In it’s reporting on the study US magazine reports that students could not identify the father of the U.S. Constitution or name one of our First Amendment Rights.

And that could explain a why a frightening number of college students support curbing free speech.

Last November Pew Research Center released a survey that showed 40 percent of Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 believe the government should be able to ban any speech that is offensive to minority groups.

For what it’s worth, kids – the “Right to Bear Arms” has nothing to do with limbs or opposable thumbs.

And that brings us to the nearly ten percent of American college kids who think Judge Judy is on the Supreme Court – holding forth with Justice Scalia and Justice Thomas and the one that always falls asleep during President Obama’s speeches.

I suspect some of the young people surveyed have probably been defendants in Judge Judy’s television courtroom.

She said something during one recent episode that relates to our current topic of discussion.

“I’m older – smarter,” she told one of the simpletons. “If you live to be a hundred twenty you’re not gonna be as smart as I am in one finger.”

To be honest with you – that’s really not a bad idea – appointing Judge Judy to the highest court in the land. It seems to me they could use a good dose of commons sense in that court room.

It should really not be that much of a surprise that our taxpayer-funded universities and colleges are churning out boatloads of ignoramuses.

They’ve been too busy coping with micro-aggressions and finding safe spaces and making up new genders.


We’ve gone from the Greatest Generation to the stupidest.

Todd Starnes is host of Fox News & Commentary, heard on hundreds of radio stations. His latest book is “God Less America: Real Stories From the Front Lines of the Attack on Traditional Values.” Follow Todd on Twitter@ToddStarnes and find him on Facebook.

The Free Republic Editor’s Notes:

I figured that Todd Starnes article was worth posting here at The Free Republic. I have witnessed the findings of this report while debating with my generation and beyond. I was born into “Generation X” and have to say that my education from high school and beyond was a joke at best.

I was given false interpretations of the Constitution and never heard of the Federalist/Anti-Federalist papers during high school. The majority of my History and Government studies where cherry picked subjects with liberal leaning opinions and falsehoods. My academic studies were not much better, with more liberal leaning opinions pawned off as facts. I was constantly in debate with my teachers, instructors and professors all through my educational years.

The base education that each generation is given is tainted and skewed. The introduction and implementation of Common Core has led us even deeper into the rabbit whole. Check out more on Common Core at Prevent Common Core.

The original post can be found [HERE].


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