Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA

Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA“Sandy Hook Promise’s PSA”

I believe that this video successfully communicates a strong and important point that we all should consider. It has an extremely clear and concise message about the reality of how a violent person can go unnoticed. We need to be aware of our surroundings and the people around us if we hope to prevent crimes like the horrific murder of innocents at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


After watching the video, I decided to drop by Sandy Hook Promise’s website. I wanted to see if I could participate in the program and offer my support. I liked their approach and found the video refreshing, impacting and on point. It was not heavily bound by the typical “Gun Control” rhetoric that I am used to seeing. I felt that the message was strong and portrayed a legitimate and honest concern for our children.

I did not like that they associated a child watching videos or reading magazines about firearms as a symptom of a deranged mind but that is not a deal breaker for me. When you take the full content of the video into consideration, it makes sense. Being aware of your surroundings is a topic that I have been speaking about for many years. Be aware of your environment, the people around you and any situation in your vicinity.

With that said, it did not take long for me to find the “Gun Control” message and all its associated affiliates, rhetoric and propaganda. If I had to describe my reaction in one word, that one word would be “disappointed.” I find it discouraging and unfortunate that “Sandy Hook Promise’s” intentions are –in fact– more “Gun Control.”

They are employing a new marketing strategy which includes the rebranding and repackaging of “Gun Control” in the hopes of reaching a larger audience.

A large portion of the US population –including myself– can see that the not so sensible, “sensible gun policies” are nothing more than the typical liberal agenda for more “Gun Control.” This disagreement with what they consider sensible and an overwhelming consensus that gun control does not work will drive me and many others away.

Here is their “approach,” quoted directly from Sandy Hook Promise’s website.


Build a national movement of parents, schools and community organizations engaged and empowered to deliver gun violence prevention programs and mobilize for the passageGun Rights
of sensible state and national policy.

I highlighted the catch phrases that are frequently used by anti-gun activist and liberals in general. I could do this throughout the site and end up with half the content emphasized in bold. Again, this is unfortunate. Why would they take our honest and legitimate concerns, such as the safety of our children, then stigmatize it with the rhetoric and propaganda of gun control? The answer is simple, gun control takes precedence over all else when it comes to groups such as Sandy Hook Promise, Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, etc..

Unfortunately, their approach is to force gun control on US citizens by bringing together likeminded individuals, groups, companies, politicians, etc. to push forward their ideology and agenda. I believe that this approach is and will continue to be the major downfall of organization that are legitimately trying to keep our children safe.

I am hopeful that Sandy Hook Promise does have legitimate concerns about the safety of our children but it does not look good that they are using unsavory and dishonest tactics to drive traffic to their gun control driven agenda. It’s possible that they believe that gun control is the only solution or maybe they fear that the truth will not get them the support that they are so desperately seeking. It could be that anti-gun groups and/or activists such as the Brady Campaign or Bloomberg are using the parents that lost children at Sandy Hook. Regardless of the reason, I am not content that they would resort to such low, disgusting and dishonest tactics.

It is sad that groups like Sandy Hook Promise cannot get past the fact the gun control is not the answer. Whether it be the fact that it is unconstitutional, mass shootings overwhelmingly happen in “Gun Free Zones” or the cities with the highest gun violence are the cities with the most gun control makes no difference. Gun control does not work and there is a plethora of statistical data to support this.

If it wasn’t for the fact that this video is linked to an agenda that is pushing for more gun control, I would support the message. Unfortunately, I cannot and will not support a message that uses the publics legitimate concerns to drive traffic/people to a dangerous and ineffective gun control agenda. I cannot help but ponder Sandy Hook Promise’s intentions. Is the protection of our schools and children their top priority or is it the gun control agenda?


Sandy Hook Promise
Sandy Hook Promise’s Public Safety Announcement (“PSA”)


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