Piers Morgan and CNN To End The Rhetoric By Cancellation.

CNN: The Almost New NetworkAccording to CNN on Feb. 24, after a grueling three years or rhetoric in a key primetime slot, “Piers Morgan Live” is being canceled.

“The show has struggled and not gotten the ratings to keep it on the air.”

CNN has confirmed that “Piers Morgan Live” hosted by former newspaper editor Piers Morgan is ending; however, the date of the final show is still to be determined.

Morgan took to Twitter on Monday morning to address the news. He tweeted:

“Humbling to bring such happiness to so many people today. Coming 3rd, as I’ve always said, is not a trophy. #MorganOut #CNN.”

Morgan has made sure that people know that while his nightly show will be no more, he is not ready to give up on one of the major issues he championed on air.

“I wouldn’t get too excited @NRA – I’m not done with you yet @GunControlNow.”

It appears that Piers Morgan will keep pounding nails into his coffin by continuing to pursue one of the very issues that got him pulled, Anti -Gun policy. Maybe Mr. Morgan should take a long look at his ratings and consider the following, WHY?

Morgan left NBC‘s “America’s God Talent” to replace the CNN show hosted by iconic television interviewer Larry King in early 2011 who hosted for 25 years in contrast to Morgan’s very short 3 year stay. Although CNN’s ratings have been on a steady and steep decline, the amount of damage that Piers Morgan has done in just 3 years is astonishing.

While the two shows had a similar format and a focus on newsmaker interviews, Morgan was never able to attract an audience that could rival that of Fox News during the key primetime hour. In fact he has been able to oust what audience he had by failing to provide content that viewers can relate to.

Morgan told The New York Times that his show lately has

“taken a bath in the ratings”

but that he and President Jeff Zucker were discussing a new role for him at CNN.

I have an idea, how about making Piers an errand boy? I feel this would be an appropriate role that will not harm the already plummeting ratings of CNN.

I would like to dedicate the following song to Pierce Morgan’s departure.


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