FLASHBACK – My letter to the Pima County Sheriff

My Two CentsThis is my reaction to events that occurred after several tragic killings and the shooting of Gabriel Gifford on January 8, 2011 during a “Congress on Your Corner” in Tucson, AZ. Specify, when Sheriff Dupnik decided to dump the tragic events on the heads of Arizonians.


Sheriff Dupnik,
I felt I needed to reply to the accusations made during a press conference to inform us “The Arizona Citizens” of the situation that occurred at the Congress on your Corner event.

Calling the citizens of AZ prejudice and bigots which is implied in your comment that AZ is the “Mecca for prejudice and bigotry” is un called for. Coming to a press conference were people are watching and waiting to be informed as to the situation is not the place for YOU to be acting out and trying to push your so called political agenda forward.

I am insulated and frankly discussed by your actions. While I do understand that you are upset, your personal opinion should have never found its way into this press conference. Having Gabby shot in the head and several others killed or injured including a child is horrible all in its self. To have you come out and accuse us, the people of AZ and the USA as to being the cause of such actions is moronic, idiotic and damn right disgusting.

You come out talking of inciting anger? What do you think you are inciting by marching your pampas butt out on stage and making these accusations. If the news, media or people in general make comments that I do not agree with than I debate them. If I feel that the comments are trash than I treat them as such. Freedom of speech is our right and yes it can have consequences. This is known by everyone in this country and people should take more care in the statements they make. You forget though we are thinking people and do not need the help of you or anyone else to make our own decisions based on what we hear.

For example ,

George W. Bush was compared to Hitler by Tim Robins and his wife Susan Sarandon. I will not view any movies or media presented by the couple due to their comments. This is a decision that I have made due to their actions and a decision that everyone in the USA should be able to make without people like you interfering in our lives. Freedom of speech does have consequences and they should remain the decision of the individual and not part of a collective, as you suggest.

I will be writing all the appropriate bodies of government about your conduct as Pima County Sheriff. I would like to see a vote as to your willful misconduct/maladministration in office. It appears that you have been in office way to long and it is time for a change.

Sincerely yours,
Johnathan W. Carroll

Pima County Sheriff Says AZ Has Become ‘Mecca for Prejudice and Bigotry’

January 9, 2011. One day after the tragic shootings

On the heels of the mass murder and shooting at a Tucson ‘Congress on Your Corner’ event with Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, which left 6 dead including a nine year old child and twelve injured …



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