FLASHBACK – MTV Broadens The Racial Divide By Attacking White Men

MTV broadens the racial divide by attacking white men“MTV Broadens The Racial Divide By Attacking White Men”

MTV News authored and aired a racist/sexist video via Twitter on Monday December the 19th of 2016. –The video has been refereed to as a “Public Service Announcement” (PSA) as well–

If a top five list existed for racist content, I would have bet that MTV placed in the top three for 2016 and possibly would have won the fictitious “2016 Racist Content Award.”

Before I delve into the depths of the racist and sexist content of “MTV’s New Year’s Resolution for White Guys” video, lets have a look at the video itself.

Note: I would normally post a link to the original video but MTV saw fit to remove the video due to extensive blow-back and backlash from the public.

OK, now that we have seen MTV’s god awful video, let me supply the transcripts.

TRANSCRIPT for MTV's 2017 New Year's Resolution for White Guys: --Transcript Provided by NewsBusters--

There is nothing like releasing a good ole racist video to celebrate “Christmas” and to bring in the “New Year,” at least according to MTV News. The audacity of the liberal left never ceases to astound me.

I am interested in revealing some of the deceptions and tactics used by Liberal Progressives and/or Social Justice Warriors (SJW). This will make the article a bit bloated but informative to those that are not familiar with the descriptive practices of the SJW. Lets dive in.

Firstly, lets take a look at the words of the young woman that so confidently stated,

First off, try to recognize that America was never great for anyone who wasn’t a white guy.
Fellow White Guy

Maybe we should engrave large signs with her message to place on our borders to try and dissuade illegal immigrants from crossing into the US. After all, if the USA is not a great country for anyone other than white men, then they may just stay in their own country. I wonder why the majority –by a huge margin– of immigrants that legally enter the USA are not white men.

Directly after the “US is great for white men only” statement, we get this little gem.

Can we all just agree that Black Lives Matter isn’t the opposite of all lives matter? Black lives just matter. There’s no need to overcomplicate it.

I simply cannot agree with her statement. The “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) movement is a racist and violent organization that I cannot and will not support or condone.

I want to touch on some of the deceptive tactics used in this statement. Liberals have an ulterior motive for using phrases such as Gun Safety, Woman’s Health and Black Lives Matter. They use these phrases in a deceptive manner, let me explain.

By changing simple phrases such as  “Gun Control” to “Gun Safety,” or “Abortion Clinic” to “Women’s Health” they can pull off some pretty nifty social engineering. By rewording the phrases while keeping the underlying ideology in tact, a liberal can create a crafty play on words, for example;

If you are “Pro-Life” then you are against “Women’s Health.” or if you are not for “Gun Control” then you are against “Gun Safety?”

This is the tactic that is being perpetrated in her statement about “Black Lives Matter.” If you take it in its most literal sense then of course I agree that “Black Lives Matter” but this is not what she is saying. She is referring to the BLM movement which is a racist and violent organization. They further pursue this tactic with the “Blue Lives Matter” statement just a bit further into the video.

Half the battle is knowing the liberal progressive or “Social Justice Warrior” (SJW) tactics and methods of deception.

I am not sure of the case that is being refereed to in the following statement but it is irreverent.

Oh, and if you’re a judge, then don’t prioritize the well-being of an Ivy League athlete over the woman he assaulted.

I can say without a doubt that we are suppose to live in a society where a person is “innocent until proven guilty.” Unfortunately, I can easily reference several court cases where a woman accused a man of rape to find out later –after the media’s relentless persecution– that the rape was fabricated. They justify the false allegations and the media’s persecution by pushing the “white men cannot be victims” narrative (more on this later).

I especially love how they jokingly decide that they don’t like/want Kanye West so they reclassify him as a “White Male” by saying,

Feel free to take Kanye West, though. You guys can have him.
You know what you did, Kanye.

Their reaction to Kanye West’ sheds some light on the liberal mentality. If you disagree with the Liberal Progressive or SJW ideology then you will be alienated, persecuted, ridiculed, etc., even if you are a minority.

They believe that if you are a white male then you are the perpetrator, and if you are a minority then you are the victim. Their ideology is formed from the belief that white men can never be victims and minorities are always victims whether they know it or not. This is their narrative and it allows for no wiggle room. Either you are on board with their ideology or you are not. Simply put, it is a black and white issue, pun intended.

This story does come with some good news as well. The 1 minute and 21 second video was short lived. MTV removed the video due to extensive blowback and backlash from the public as well as some influential public figures and personalities.

The political correct narrative of the liberal progressives has no end in sight.


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Right+Click on the above video link then select “Save as…” or “Save link as…” to save a copy of the video to your local hard drive.


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