Man’s Desperate, Plea to Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg

FacebookA father turned to YouTube Wednesday to post a heartfelt plea to Facebook, asking the social media giant to allow him to see the new one-minute highlight reel of his late son — and it’s going viral.

“I’m calling out to Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. You’ve been putting out these new movies — you know these one minute movies that everybody’s been sharing,” John Berlin says in the video. “And I think they are great.”

“Well, my son passed away Jan. 28, 2012 and we can’t access his Facebook account,” he continued. “I’ve tried emailing, different things, but it ain’t working. All we want to do is see his movie. That’s it.”


On Tuesday, in commemoration of its 10th anniversary, Facebook unveiled a new feature called “A Look Back,” which allowed users to see a video showing highlights of their time on the social network.

Berlin, who could not be reached for comment, said it was likely his video-plea would not work, but filmed it anyway, often at times fighting back tears desperately asking to see video of his late son Jesse. It was not clear from the video how his son had died.

“I know it’s a shot in the dark, but I don’t care,” he said. “I want to see my son’s video. His name is Jesse Berlin.”

At the time of publication, the YouTube counter on Berlin’s video was frozen at 301 views, suggesting it had been sent viral.


An update posted by John Berlin on Facebook said that the social media website had contacted him Wednesday evening and would be providing him access to his late son’s “look back” video.

“It worked I was just contacted by FB by phone and there going to make a vid just for us,” he wrote in the post. “They also said they’re going to look at how they can better help families who have lost loved ones.”



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