Import Ban on 5.45×39 7N6 (Steelcore) Ammo

United Nations gun ban sculptureThe BATF has started to deny all and every Form 6 for the import of 5.45X39 Steelcore ammo. For years US ammunition importers have been able to import surplus 5.45X39 Russian ammo. The 5.45X39 was designed and manufactured during the Cold War by Russia as an answer to the .223/5.56X45 (M4/AR-15) round and was originally designed for the AK-74.

Recently, this ammo was available for US shooters at a rate of .15-/.17 cents a round and able to be shot in the AK-74 and several AR-15 platforms but not any more. Overnight, the price has doubled on this surplus ammo and we may never be able to get it again!


Get the word out, It’s not too late so please take the time to immediately contact your congressman and alert them to this and make the BATF release the Form 6 to importers. NRA and GOA members may want to let there organization(s) know that we will not stand for another ban.

From the sound of it, the BATF received a request for a 5.45X39 pistol build which triggered the current denial of any Form 6 for the import of 5.45X39 steelcore ammo. Current regulations put forth during the Clinton administration would allow the BATF to ban steelcore ammo for use in a pistol.

GunWebsites posted a video about the beginning stages of the ban.

Here is a link to the PDF from the above video [PDF]


Another video, hosted by GunWebsites, whom invited James Yeager and Tim (from The Bang Switch blog) to discus the 5.45×39 situation.


This is nothing new, our government is slowly but surely chipping away at our rights. Take a stand while we still can!




Tactical Response

The Bang Switch

PDF from video


Your Congressman




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