Hillary Clinton’s Health Problems Interview – Conan O’Brien

Conan O'Brien - Hillary ClintonIn a recent interview with Hillary ClintonDiane Sawyer’s asked a bunch of light, none critical, powder puff questions directed at Hillary Clinton

A couple of the subjects that came up are her current condition after the supposed  medical issue that she conveniently suffered during the “Benghazi Scandal” and the statement that Carl Rove made about her medical condition.

Here is a part of the interview about Hillary’s current medical condition,

SAWYER: So, no lingering effects?

CLINTON: No lingering effects-

SAWYER: Of any kind?

CLINTON: No – nope.

SAWYER: So, you would release your medical records if you ran for president?

CLINTON: I would do what other candidates have done – absolutely.

SAWYER: And what would you like to say to Karl Rove about your brain?

CLINTON: (laughs) That I know he was called ‘Bush’s Brain’ in one of the books written about him, and I wish him well. (laughs)

Well Conan O’Brien  released a parity that I found hysterical so thought I would share it with you all.




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