Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a Fix

Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a Fix“Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a Fix”

Military Style? What is that? A modular semi-automatic black rifle with any of the following? A buttstock and pistol grip? A magazine and pistol grip? A shroud and magazine? A forward grip and magazine? The answer is, all the above. This is what the liberal left call, “Military Style” also known as an, “Assault Weapon.”

The phrase “Assault Weapon” comes from the liberal lefts propaganda engine. They like to take phrases like “Gun Control” and “Abortion Clinic” and turn them into more friendly and harder to resist phrases such as, “Gun Safety” and “Women’s Health,” respectively. After all, who does not support woman’s health and gun safety, or better yet, if you are against Abortion Clinics then you are, against Women’s health. The rewording of specific phrases is a pretty clever play on words that hold no real value and allows the left to play on people’s ignorance’s.Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a Fix


“Assault Weapon,” also being called “Military Style Weapon,” are phrases concocted by the liberal progressive left, which were derived from “Assault Rifle” and designed to propagandize all menacing looking firearms and to push forward the lefts “Gun Control” agenda.

An Assault Rifle is an “Automatic Rifle,” more commonly known as a machine gun. The assault rifle can fire more than one round per trigger pull. This is what our military forces use. These weapons are highly regulated and in contrary to what the left would have you believe, are not available for purchase by the general public. They are restricted to law enforcement agencies, military, etc.

The Assault Weapon is nothing more than a Semi-Automatic weapon, –often associated with rifles such as the AR-15– that looks scary. Just to clarify, Semi-Automatic or Semi-Auto is a firearm that fires one round per trigger pull, so in order to fire 5, 6 and 10 rounds you will need to pull the trigger 5, 6 and 10 times.

For the record, weapons that are available to civilians, such as the AR-15, are NOT military weapons, if this where true the military would be equipping them. The AR-15 is merely a semi-automatic rifle. This means that a military style weapon is, a rifle that cosmetically looks like a military weapon.

Unfortunately, today’s society has some major problems that are influencing morons to kill innocent lives, with the most horrific of these shootings being children. I can understand that people want to do something about this, so do I, but banning a specific type of weapon is NOT going to solve the issue, that much we already know.

I have heard many leftist state, why does anyone need a killing machine such as a rifle, well that is simply another ignorant statement. I can name several reasons for owning a deadly weapon from hunting to self-defense. The fact is, I am not going to go hunting with a weapon that does not kill and I am damn sure not going to defend myself or my family’s LIVES with anything less than a deadly weapon. Firearms/Guns are designed to kill, that is a fact. When deadly force is used against you, then you better be armed with equal or greater force such as a handgun or rifle.

A rifle does have a better chance of dropping or completely disabling a target than a handgun. This is primarily due to the velocity at which the bullet is traveling. I personally consider handguns to be less than lethal. The bullet from a handgun is normally a smaller less efficient round that is traveling at a considerably lower velocity than a bullet from a rifle. Handguns are also inherently less accurate than rifles due to the shorter barrel length which yields a shorter sight base.

Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a FixStating that a GLOCK 19, AR-15 or any other menacing looking –black– firearm is a military weapon meant for war puts the icing on the cake of ignorance. I wish that banning an item would fix the issue, I would be all for fixing our murder problems. The fact of the matter is, society/people are the problem. To be honest, banning people that we feel are dangerous would not solve the issue any more than banning the weapons.

I am against banning ANY so called “Assault Weapons,” There are better ways to go about fixing our societal problems. This is like banning large sodas because people are contracting Diabetes and getting fat. Banning the large soda does not even begin to address the issue and will yield very poor results while potentially spawning rebellious behavior.

All said and done, supporting the banning of so called “Military Style Weapons” more commonly known as “Assault Weapons,” is pure ignorance and is effectively the same as burying your head in the sand to avoid danger, or hiding under the covers while being burgled.

Pushing for our government to take more control of our lives by allowing them to ban firearms and infringe on our right to defend ourselves, family and property, is the effect that ignorance, fear and an unhealthy dose of propaganda yield.

I have a better idea, let’s work on solving our societal problems which have spawned several generations of entitled, ignorant, non-thinking, whining, mass murderers that believe that they are victims of some sort of oppression. I have never witnessed anything like the socially inept youth of today.

I found, through several years of conversations and debating with our youths and their parents, that a clear majority of US citizens do not know the intent or purpose of the US Constitution. In fact, the vast majority have not even attempted to read the Constitution but believed that it needed to be changed in some manner.

These same people could not tell me what general changes they would make to the US Constitution to help eliminate the so-called gun problem. If I tried to get specific by asking pointed questions such as, what article would you change and why, I got a blank stare, like I asked them “how long is a string.”

This astounded me, but shed some light on why people are acting like sheep or better yet, Sheeple. Anyway, how can a person form any sort of opinion on the US Constitution when their ignorance of the Constitution could not be greater. One thing was clear, most believed in the Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a Fixpropaganda and rhetoric that the liberal news has been spewing and felt that changes need to occur to prevent and stop mass shootings. I agree that change needs to happen but not to the Constitution. In fact, I believe that we need to hold our officials and representatives accountable and force them to work within the boundaries and limitations set forth within the Constitution.

To shed some light on how society views todays youths, here is an unsung story regarding the youths of today.

A large corporation decides to hire a few 40 to 50-year-old “IT guys.” The older gentlemen were selected over a group of recent college graduates, for a position that used to be dominated by our youth. Imagine that, hiring older men that are going to be retiring in 15 to 20 years over a group of young, technical college graduates. This just goes to show that we have a major societal breakdown that we have not even begun to address. The longer we deny the root cause of our problems the longer they will take to solve.

Realistically speaking, solving our societal problems is not going to be easy and will take a considerable amount of time. I understand that people want a quick fix, such as banning the AR-15, in an effort to reduce the number of murders –especially the mass shootings that have been happening in our schools–. With that said, our knee jerk reactions have the potential to escalate the very problem that they were designed to solve. As stated, we need to be realistic about our approach and the time that it will take to undo the damage that has been done to our social structure.

I am not a person that believes that more guns is the solution. As stated, throughout this article, I do not believe that guns are the problem so how could I believe that guns are the solution. Firearms are just as irrelevant in solving our problems as they are the cause although “Gun Free Zones” do attract criminals looking for a soft target. There is special type of ignorance associated with people that hang a “Gun Free Zone” sign in an area which informs criminals as to the availability of soft targets.

A soft target is a person that is not equipped to defend oneself from physical harm such as an attack or worse. More often than not, they are oblivious to their surroundings, leaving them vulnerable to attack.

A hard target would be someone like me, that is armed and aware of their surroundings. A hard target is equipped to handle dangerous situations and makes a conscious effort to be able to handle a situation where they or their loved ones could be harmed.

Switzerland’s citizens are required to serve their country. At the end of their service, each citizen keeps their service rifle. This means that the majority of Switzerland –by a huge margin, — is armed, yet crimes committed with firearms remains low. According to the leftist, Switzerland should be rated as one of the most murderous countries in the world, but it is no were close to being a dangerous place to live.

Gun Control, More Of A Problem Than a FixThe secret behind Switzerland’s success is their society which has little to nothing to do with firearm ownership. They are not plagued with the social issues that we face on a day to day basis here in the US.

You can trust that it took several years for our society to become as dysfunctional as it is today which means it is going to take years to undo the damage. The quicker we come to this realization the faster we can come up with a plan to implement and begin the healing.

We, as a society, owe it to our children to put our best efforts forward to help in preventing violent crimes. To meet these goals, we first need to stop propagandizing the very item that our youths can use to defend themselves. Firearms are merely a tool that one can use to defend oneself.  Unfortunately, criminals have another use for these deadly weapons which has struck fear into our hearts.

To reduce violent crimes, we need to instill the values that once were the beating heart of America. I feel we could potentially steer our great country in a direction that would do just that, reduce violent crimes but first we need to stop playing to our emotions –such as fear—and get to the root of the cause which is our society and the direction that has taken.

In a nut shell, we need to stop putting faith into the rhetoric and propaganda that we are so used to hearing, hold our government officials accountable while forcing them to work within the constraints set forth by our Constitution, repair our emotionally wrecked society, work as one to pull the country back together, reintroduce our older generations values and put an end to the politically correct culture that has done so much harm to today’s society.


America’s Founding Documents
United States Constitution
United States Bill of Rights



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