Deal Struck Between Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republicans

Deal Struck Between Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republicans

Deal Struck Between Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Republicans

The Washington Post is reporting that a deal has been struck between Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and the majority ruled Republicans legislature over the Governors promise to rescind Virginias handgun reciprocity agreement.

You are may be asking, what’s the catch?

It really is quite simple so here is the break down: Virginia’s handgun reciprocity, that is has with 25 states, will not be rescinded. In exchange, the GOP controlled legislature agreed to pass a bill with the following provisions:

  1. If someone’s Virginia permit is revoked, they can’t use another state’s permit to continue to carry in Virginia.
  2. State Police will be made available at gun shows to run background checks. The checks will be voluntary, not mandatory.
  3. Anyone subject to a permanent protective order (PPO) is barred from carrying for the full two-year life of the PPO. This, in part, has been in effect since the 1994 bans.

It appears that the Governor, Terry McAuliffe was attempting to hold the 25 state handgun reciprocity agreement as a hostage to push through strict gun control. Judging by the current list of concessions, I am not sure a hostage would have been needed to pass such a bill. What makes this so interesting is that the end result is a bipartisan agreement. I have to say that after reading the concessions of the legislature and the Governor, I am CURRENTLY good with the agreed upon outcome. I say currently because it is very early in the game and there may be something that does not meet the eyes.

Did this actually happen, a bipartisan bill with concessions made on both sides of the isle? Is there something hidden in the backfield that is going to jump up and bite the Virginia legislature or the governor in the Arse? I don’t have an answer but at face value, I don’t have much to complain about. I personally believe that providing optional/voluntary background checks for private sales at gun shows is not a bad idea, the conditions put forth for PPO’s is healthy and may actually help in domestic violence cases. Finally, the closing of the out of sate CCW loophole for suspended Virginia CCW holders is sensible.

If I reflect on the concessions from either parties perspective, the republicans can say that they are keeping the reciprocity agreements intact and boast that they closed the loophole that allowed residence to carry with an out of state CCW although their Virginia CCW was revoked. The Governor can boast that he made Virginia a safer place through tougher penalties, closed the Loophole that allowed a suspended Virginia CCW holder to carry with a valid out of state CCW and closed the Virginia Gun Show loophole even with a GOP majority in the legislature. It is a winning situation for both parties if both sides are true to their agreement and intentions.

I feel that a voluntary background check system to be used by private citizens at gun shows for private sales is a good idea. The last thing that I would want to do is sale a firearm to a private citizen with a violent criminal past. This gives the seller the OPTION to run a background check. It is not clear as to the details of such a plan or the costs associated with conducting such a background check but I would be interested in hearing more about this form of background check.

I do have a nagging concern though. It does appear that the Governor held the handgun reciprocity agreement as a hostage. If this was his intention, then the liberal left is resorting to some new and potentially very dangerous tactics that I am strongly against. If this is the case, then the Governor has crossed the line. Stealing bargaining power through threats to forward an agenda is dangerous at best and potentially devastating at its full potential. We will have to wait and see what happens next. I can guarantee that I will be following this story/bill closely.

What do you think?


Gun control activists from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, though, were not happy about the deal, saying McAuliffe bragged about,

“his administration’s aggressive new approach to confronting the National Rifle Association.”

“Now he’s preparing to cave to them,” the message says. “As far as we are aware, there is not a single gun violence prevention advocate in Virginia who was informed about this deal before it was done. We all stand in opposition to it.”

This points to what I suspected. The Governor is using new dirty and dangerous tactics to achieve his agenda. on On January 18, at the MLK vigil, McAuliffe bragged openly about his ‘F’ rating from the NRA and his willingness to stand up to the Virginia General Assembly on guns.

“We have not changed our tune [on gun policy] one iota and we are just warming up,” Governor McAuliffe told attendees. “I want the folks in [the General Assembly] to understand that we are going to continue to fight for every single citizen here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.”

It appears that the deal may be a legitimate compromise form both parties.

The Washington Post has printed a series of articles with some enlightening information. I am not going to steal the copy from the Washington Post so I will give you a taste and some links to the stories.

The deal, which the attorney general played no role in crafting, not only restores reciprocity to those 25 states that where rejected, but also extends it to every state except Vermont, which does not have a permitting process.

McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy stated,

“He’s doing this because he truly believes it’s the right thing to do,”

“We’re taking political heat for it, obviously. But this entire gun-safety agenda is about what steps will save the most lives and keep communities the safest. And on that criteria, this deal was a no-brainer.”

McAuliffe contends the concessions he got in other areas — on domestic abusers and gun shows — are more meaningful than the concealed-carry aspect. On this point, he has repeated an NRA talking point: People who take the time to get a government permit to carry a concealed weapon are not the ones society has to worry about.

This is good news, real compromise with true common sense being applied.

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