Common Core Math Problem

Stop Common CoreCommon Core is an abbreviated term used to refer to the “Common Core Initiative”,

It is a set of national (Federal) standards for English and Mathematics, written and COPYRIGHTED by two left leaning lobbyist groups, “National Governors Association” (NGA) and the “Council of Chief State School Officers” (CCSSO).

It is backed and funded by yet another left leaning organization known as the “Bill and Malinda Gates Foundation”, these standards were adopted sight unseen by 46 states in exchange for “Race To The Top” money and/or waivers from “No Child Left Behind”.

(Science guidelines forthcoming as the “Next Generation Science”, which is already being fed into the educational system)

Trying to put into words what our children are being taught through Common Core is a bit hard so I have a short clip of a child working through a simple addition problem with her mother. Please note the outcome of the problem when comparing the stacking method to the Common Core method. For the record the mother has a PHD and is a math professor but was unable to help her child in Common Core math. You will soon see why.


Imagine what our children are dealing with.  Is there any wonder why California has 5th graders that can not add or subtract?

Full Story will be out soon.
Keep an eye out for my extensively researched article on Common Core, appropriately titled.
“Common Core Initiatives, The Goal To Indoctrinate Our Children”

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