Anti-Gun Senator, Kavin De Leon, Makes a Fool of Himself

GhostgunCA State Senator Kevin De Leon (a Democrat from Los Angeles) made a real fool of himself at a press conference for his new gun control bill when he demonstrated both his command of the English language and the extent of his firearms knowledge.

Let’s jump right in. The first controversial, confusing and ignorant statement that Sen. De Leon made while holding a firearm in his hands was,

“This is a Ghost Gun.”

What is a “Ghost Gun” you ask? I feel this may be a good name for a fictitious gun with a definite fictitious ability, at least according to the claims by Senator Kevin De Leon.

Sen De Leon and his supposed Ghost GunBack in the day, a Ghost Gun was a toy that I loved to play with. It looked like a machine gun that would project an image of a ghost on a wall in a dark room. You would aim the crosshairs at the ghost and shoot. It is only a guess but I believe that he is not speaking of the toy I used to play with as a child.

Another definition of a “Ghost Gun” is a firearm that is able to slip by metal detectors or other forms of scanning and security.

The firearm he was displaying would not have a chance in hell in slipping through a basic scan. Fact of the matter is, a completely plastic firearm has the reliability and accuracy of a zip gun. Even if an all plastic, reliable and effective firearm was possible to make, security systems would still detect the ammo. Ammo is metal, has a very distinct shape and not only contains explosive materials in the primer but gun powder as well. Hopefully this is enough to debunk the progressive liberal fallacy of undetectable firearms.

Did this explain what a “Ghost Gun” is? No, it did not so the question still remains.

Q: What is a Ghost Gun?
A: A firearm that is made outside the normal methods of manufacturing. In other words, a firearm that is not known to exist.

Sen. De Leon was attempting to address two separate issues during the conference. The undetectable firearm and the home manufactured or assembled firearm. It seems that he is a bit confused as to what the term Ghost Gun stood for and therefore insinuated that it was an undetectable firearm. Maybe he should learn just a little more about what he is speaking on before opening his pie hole and spewing crap all over the place. Ok, point made so let’s move on. The next sentence that he regurgitated, while displaying the supposed “Ghost Gun”,

“This right here, has the ability with a 30 caliber clip, to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second.”

I can sum up this statement in a single word. Ignorant!

There are clips and there are magazines. Seeing that the “Ghost Gun” has a magazine well, I feel it is safe to assume that this particular, fictitious rife uses a magazine not a clip.

30 rounds in 1/2 second. It is starting to look like we have a senator that is smoking crack. I guess we will have to redefine high capacity magazines in order to accommodate 60 rounds a second. Maybe a 300 round Ghost Mag-Clip will do the job. To be realistic, I would say that the “Ghost Gun” that he was displaying may be capable of 12 to 15 rounds a second. This is a bit shy of the amount of rounds that De Leon is claiming but it is a realistic number.

Let’s continue. The very next line from Sen. De Leon was,

“30 magazine clip in half a second”

Maybe he felt that people did not understand what he was saying the first time and reiterated with a more confusing and ignorant statement?

To be fair I understand what he is trying to say but this is just another display of his complete and utter ignorance of anything firearm related. Back in my days of high school, it seems I remember researching my assigned subject in order to write or speak on the matter. It is clear that Sen. De Leon failed miserably in any attempt to research the matter.

On a lighter note just image what he just said.

A clip that holds 30 magazines which hold 30 rounds of 30 caliber bullets fired from a “Ghost Rifle” that fires 30 rounds from said clip in .5 second. Wow, maybe his favorite number is 30 or he is just confused and keeps quoting his IQ?


It is unfortunate, that even with Sen. De Leon’s vulgar display of ignorance, some people will actually believe this rhetoric. There are several news outlets that are reporting this as if it were true. I will not list the organizations as I believe that passing on bad information does more harm than good. This story does have a very serious proponent in the form of a Senate Bill,

Sen. De Leon has proposed, SB 808, would require any manufacturing or assembly of homemade weapons to apply and be approved for a serial number through the state Department of Justice. The number would have to be engraved on or otherwise permanently attached to the weapon within one day of its manufacture. More to come…

I plead to all, don’t take what our representatives say at face value, do your research to learn and spread the truth.


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