RTS Access Update
Thanks to AzCDL’s efforts, the RTS (Request To Speak) System Administrators have agreed to reactivate accounts that were created online and recently used to comment on bills scheduled for committee hearings.

If you created an online RTS account, please immediately test your ability to sign in at https://apps.azleg.gov/.  After signing in, click on the RTS logo.  If you see “New Request” as a menu option on the left side of the screen, your account is active.

Urgent Action Needed!
Use the New Request option to tell committee members that you want them to support HB 2081, HB 2446, SB 1266 and SB 1257.  In the “comment” area enter “Do not accept hostile amendments.”  These bills are all scheduled for hearings on Wednesday, February 3.  You’ll notice that SB 1266 is scheduled for two committee hearings.  Each committee needs to hear from you.  You can find descriptions of these bills at AzCDL’s Bill Tracking page.

New RTS Accounts
If you replied to our recent offer to establish an RTS account for you, we set up over 130 new accounts at an “official” RTS terminal on Monday, February 1.  You should have received an email to that effect.  Please log into your account and use the New Request option to chime in on HB 2081, HB 2446, SB 1266 and SB 1257.  If you encounter any problems, contact Fred (treasurer@azcdl.org).

RTS Account Access
If you created an online account and still cannot access it, please reply to this message and give us the email address you use for your RTS account along with your RTS password.  We will reactivate your account using an official RTS terminal.

If you do not have an RTS account, we can create one for you.  Please reply to this email and give us your first and last name along with the email address you want used for your RTS account.  We will create your account at an “official” RTS terminal.

Why RTS is Important
The pro-oppression groups understand the importance of RTS.  They are urging their followers to use RTS to tell legislators to defeat the same bills we are asking you to support.  Their goal is to have every peaceful Arizona gun owner tagged, tracked and targeted for confiscation and incarceration.  You can defeat them by using RTS to tell committee members to support good legislation.

RTS evolved from a paper system used by individuals (usually lobbyists and special interest groups) wishing to testify at committee hearings.   Early versions of the electronic system were limited to terminals only located at the Capitol.  Now, it can be used by anyone wishing to comment on a bill scheduled for a committee hearing.  The catch is that accounts must still be created at an “official” terminal.  Almost all of them are at the Capitol.  However once your RTS account has been created you can log in from the comfort of home.  Activists groups have recognized the importance of RTS and the influence it wields.  We need to be the loudest voice in the room when it comes to RTS.  If you have an account – use it.  If you want to create an account, we’ll be glad to help you.

The RTS system can only be used for contacting committee members.  As bills pass out of committees and head for floor votes, we will prepare emails for you to send to your Representatives and Senator via our Legislative Action Center.  Meanwhile it’s imperative that we all sign into RTS and urge the passage of HB 2081, HB 2446, SB 1266 and SB 1257 out of their respective committees.

These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization.

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