Johnathan W. Carroll

Please allow me to introduce myself,
My name is Johnathan W. Carroll a 12 year resident of Tucson, Arizona. I am a registered Republican but consider myself a Libertarian/Constitutionalist. I am an activist so you may see me on a corner supporting Grassroot political activity and movements. I am the founder of TechSoft Systems, providing “IT” services to local and remote clients. I have several interests ranging from music and movies to firearms, technology and higher learning. The two most important interests, that spawned “The Free Republic”, are the enjoyment of debate and my thirst for knowledge.

The decision to create “The Free Republic” was formed through several events. I found that news organizations have a tendency to disregard or manipulate some of the most important topics. Whether for political reasons or ratings, I felt a duty to expose these absent or remolded stories. After years of debating hot topics it became increasingly clear that their is a lot of misinformation being absorbed by everyday folks. I found that many people regurgitated what they heard or read on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, Etc. I have also found that debating became more emotionally charged rather than based on logic, facts and rationality.

This, unfortunately, creates some major issues for the public. The misinformation that is being handed out and consumed by Americans is at an all-time high. I finally had enough, and so “The Free Republic” was born.

So, here I am, just another blog spot working to expose the hidden and reveal the truth.

Thank you,
Johnathan W. Carroll