FLASHBACK – Americans ‘can’t trust a single thing’ NBC News says

LiarOn Wednesday the 30th of 2013, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell reacted to NBC’s editing of a video used by many news organizations that said Neil Heslin was heckled or interrupted by supporters of the Second Amendment, saying the network demonstrated that Americans cannot trust the network to provide truthful, unbiased news.

“There is now a clear pattern of deception at NBC News,” Bozell said in a statement.  “It is the most egregious violation of journalistic ethics.  First they edited the Trayvon Martin 911 call to fabricate a racist motive. Then Andrea Mitchell tried to invent a fake ‘supermarket scanner moment’ for Mitt Romney. Now MSNBC is deceptively editing footage of Sandy Hook testimony in order to smear gun rights advocates.”

“This is not how a legitimate, professional news organization operates,” he added.  “MSNBC’s relentless anti-gun advocacy is bad enough, but this is downright dishonest. Time and time again NBC News has demonstrated why the American people can’t trust a single thing they say.”

As reported on Tuesday, Jan 29 of 2013, a number of media outlets, including MSNBC, the Huffington Post, Slate, Gawker and others, claimed that Heslin, the father of a Newtown victim, was either interrupted or heckled by gun-rights supporters.

Those reports were based largely upon a video edited by NBC News.  When the full, unedited video was examined, however, it became clear that Heslin was not heckled.  He presented a question and gun supporters answered.

But that’s not how it was reported.

Since the full video was made known, some outlets, like Slate, backtracked from their earlier assessments, but others continued to claim that Heslin was heckled or interrupted.  The Washington Post said that MSNBC was reviewing the video.

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