Five Adults and One Child Found Dead in Fatal Stabbing

Five Adults and One Child Found Dead in Fatal StabbingFive Adults and One Child Found Dead in Fatal Stabbing

On February 4, Chicago Police Department officers discovered five adults and one child stabbed to death in a home in Chicago’s Gage Park.

Police found the bodies around 1:05 PM Thursday.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the CPD sent officers to investigate after someone called police to say a “co-worker had not shown up for work Wednesday or Thursday.” When officers arrived to check on the missing co-worker, they looked through a window and saw “what they believed to be a body” inside the house. Upon entering the house, they found five adults and “a child 11 or 12 years old” — all apparent victims of a mass stabbing.

At least one neighbor told reporters she “knocked on the door Wednesday to get someone to move a van on the street but got no answer.” Others said the street has always been quiet. “No problems. No shootings. None of that.”

Police have marked off a crime scene “one block long and a block and a half wide.”


I normally do not post stories of this nature but feel there is a lot to be said from what is not being reported. Let me explain.

First and foremost, I want to offer my condolences to the victims’ families and friends. I cannot imagine the pain that friends and loved ones are dealing with right now.

Secondly, I want to say that this story has not and will not get much mainstream airplay because it does not fit the liberal medias narrative to push stories of gun violence to promote “Gun Control.”

If a firearm had been used to commit these horrific murders, I am sure that the media would be taking about this and gun control for a solid 2 weeks at minimum. I dare to add that if an AR-15 had been used, there would not be a day that we would not hear about this for a month straight. We would hear this story every time the media, politicians, anti-gun groups, etc. wanted to push for more gun control.

This is the sad and pathetic truth of the matter. You see, almost all of the mainstream media outlets have not been reporting in the interest of the people for a very long time. Many of these outlets take no shame in promoting their liberal viewpoints. They are more interested in marketing the liberal agenda by airing stories that support the liberal ideology, such as gun control. Without even looking, you can see examples of Gun Control marketing every day in the media not to mention on today’s college campuses.

I apologize to the family and friends of the victims and to the public for using this story in order to shed light on the mainstream media’s reporting ethics. Unfortunately, if it is not reported then how are we going to see the problem that exists within today’s main stream media.


Six Dead in Chicago Mass Stabbing

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